As moms, we are always busy and on the go, but pausing to start making memories for our children and family, is part of the amazing heritage they will receive, and still enjoy many years later!

I have been teaching two groups of French moms, in Marin County, and San Francisco, how to use their camera manually, and helped them getting a better understanding of all the functions their cameras offer.

We have been studying the exposure triangle, white balance, metering, focusing, depth of field, and some really cool techniques to do panning, silhouettes and get a yummy bokeh. In addition, to understanding composition, and choosing ideal natural lighting. Classes can be taught in either English, or French.

Talk to your friends, and contact me to start a new group, or come on your own. We meet at your convenience every week for 2h for a total of 5 sessions, plus a couple of extra fun practice sessions.

Groups are limited to a maximum of 8 people. Fees are $25 per person per session.

All you need is your Dslr camera, your camera manual, friends to bring along, or just you, and lots of enthusiasm to come learn and practice! You will be thrilled by witnessing your great progress and learning new cool techniques to try at home with your family!

photo classes in Marin and San Francisco