“Flo Dupuy is a true magician”.
These are words expressed by my lovely clients. I like to think of myself as a true magician, a beauty seeker, with a vision, ready to offer you one of your most precious gifts.
(Photo credit: Meg Sexton)

 About the Artist

When I browse through old family pictures, time literally stops, my heart starts beating faster, I feel deeply connected to that moment. In a snap of a finger, I get transported in time. I feel the sun stroking my hair in that picture, I hear my mom’s voice, my siblings giggling around me. Even better, I know that anytime, anywhere, I can access this unique passage in time, this moment in time that means so much to me.

That experience fills my heart with great joy. These images, are my most precious gift, my most prized possessions.

I started creating photo memories at the tender age of 9, and have not stopped since. After 10 year as a graphic designer in the publishing industry, I have decided to use my talent and skills for what fills my heart with great joy, and have started my photography business in 2010. I now specialize in food and lifestyle portraits for Children and families.

The visual esthetics of food brings me joy. I cook for my family on a daily basis and each time it is a feast for all senses, not only on a taste and olfactory level, but visually I love food to look appealing. Healthy food prepared from scratch with rainbow colors just makes my heart sing!

For families, my wish is to inspire you to pause from daily busy schedules the time of our session, and together create a cherished experience, a moment in time, that will become one of your most precious gift. A moment in time you can access anytime, anywhere. A moment in time you can share with your loved ones, over and over again, that fills your hearts with great joy.


In addition, I would love to empower you to create your own cherished memories at your leisure. With that in mind, I have recently started adding photo classes to my services. Photo classes are tailored to anyone willing to learn the ins and outs of their DSLR camera at their own pace, in their own home. Soon enough, you will be proud to practice using Manual mode and control the outake of your photography!

Looking forward to hearing from you!